The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

Where is the Necromancer? let him bring
His treasury of charms, rich syrups, herbs
Gathered in eclipse, or when shooting stars
Sow earth with pearls, or let him call his sprites
Till the air thickens, and the golden noon
Smote by his wings, is turned to sudden midnight.


You've reached the virtual home of Robin Artisson, noted modern practitioner of Traditional Witchcraft, folklorist, wortcunning herbalist, soul-healer, man of letters, specialist in the divinatory arts, and writer. Robin has lived in New Orleans and on Maine's hilly coast, and currently lives somewhere in the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains in Northern Louisiana, while preparing to return to New England.

While exiled in the piney woods, he studies the Art of Sorcery, and carries on the Traditional veneration- within the soul and without it- of the Master-Spirit who has instructed humankind in the Witching Arts since ancient times, and communion with the Unseen Cavalcade of spiritual entities who ride invisibly at the command of that same Master.

Alongside the pursuit of Magistery in the Unseen World, Robin pursues the ancient work of "Fetch-flying", an Art by which a living person sends their own soul from their body as though they had died (hopefully to return later)- and wanders the dim meadows and twilight depths of extra-sensory reality, there to gain allegiance with the guarding and teaching powers of the True Old Ways. Robin also divines via lots, scrying-stone, dream incubation, and sortilege, procures and preserves herbs, counsels the wounded souls of people in need, and prepares the manuscript of his next published work on these recondite topics.

This site has been created to act as an informational source for news on Robin's writing endeavors and his efforts to share his perspectives on the modern culture of traditional European and American occult wisdom-practices, the reconsideration and rebirth of traditional folk beliefs, and alternative spiritual worldviews. Here, you can get into contact with Robin if you have legitimate need of his strange skills and occult specialties.

Finding A Witchcraft

The mysteries and lores of sorcery- extraordinary participation in matters of the unseen world- are Robin's main concern. Though long despised by mainstream cultures, sorcery and witchcraft have always existed on the fringes of European and American societies, as well as in various places in other societies worldwide. The modern day has afforded the world a chance to re-appraise the realities behind these important hidden institutions, and the persistence of ancient wisdom that they represent.

Sorcery and Witchcraft are two names for the same historical phenomenon- the art and craft of taming or befriending spiritual powers, and enlisting their aid to achieve specific goals- whether goals for the good or ill of people and places in this world, or goals of inner growth and wisdom. They are the oldest human spiritual practices, and they are the true core of the many tales of the "supernatural" that we have become so familiar with in the modern day. And they are never as far away as you may think.