Ule Alfarrin's Ásatrú Portal
Ule Alfarrin's Ásatrú Portal

Ule Alfarrin's Ásatrú Portal
Ule Alfarrin's Ásatrú Portal
Ule Alfarrin's Ásatrú Portal
Asatruarfelagid ritual from the Iceland Review Online
Photographed by Jennifer Zoltek

Information and Resources for the Ásatrú Religion

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What is Ásatrú?
A Short and Concise Introduction

Wikipedia entry on Ásatrú
This Wiki page appears as "Germanic Neopaganism",
Which is misleading. Wikipedia sucks, but this is an acceptable overview.

Making Heathen Sacrifices: Blot to Odin
A short illustrative example of the Heathen religious rite of "Blot" or Sacrifice,
As done by the Idavoll Kindred

I'm a Heathen, Not a New Ager
Twenty Things You Should Know

~Ancient Perspectives for our World Today~

Orlog: The Procession of the Ages of the World
Where did the world come from? Where is it going?
Why have things happened in history the way they did?

Veratyr's Precious Gift
Where did humans come from? What is the purpose of our lives?
What happens when we die?

* * *

Being True to the Gods
What does it mean to be a believer in the Gods?

Heathen High-Mindedness
Heathenry's Moral Understanding Easily Compares
to Any Other

From a Heathen World to a Christian World
Doubts about the Effectiveness of Universal Morality

In The Dark Forests of our Deepest Minds
Why only Heathenry can satisfy some

Approaching the Gods Anew
Suggestions about how we can
understand the Gods again today

Our Truth
Why our modern myths sometimes need to be shattered

* * *

~Some Web Resources~

The Ravencast
A general heathen podcast

Superb colletion of key texts and resources

BBC on Heathenry
A good overview of Heathenry