"The more I study mythology and folklore, the more I come to the same
conclusion that people from every age of this world have come to: myths are the
most precious treasures bequeathed to us by generations long past. It has become
very fashionable to look down on mythology and other narratives that feature elements
that are seen as “supernatural” or which border on the “irrational” as though they represent
failings of human reason in the face of the unknown, but it is my opinion that the true "failing”
is found in people who cannot think multi-dimensionally about the things they experience."
-Robin Artisson

Robin Artisson, 1867

Nearly all of the writings of Robin Artisson that exist online,
Made accessible here for your convenience

Everything you ever wanted to read by Robin Artisson
And probably a lot of things you didn't.


Scarespite: Traditional Paganism and Witchcraft
Very Large Collection of Writings about... Traditional Paganism and Witchcraft.
Online in some form since 1999

A World Unseen
Robin's Personal Website and Online Works Portal

Spirit Touched
Robin's Writings on Core Shamanism, Animism, and Deep Ecology

Other Assorted Serious Writings, A Few Doomed Attempts at Humor,
And A Few Well-Meant (though not necessarily well-received) Mayhems

Writings Concerning Occult, Religious, Scientific, and Academic Matters

"The Toad Bone Treatise" (Liber Hydrargyrum)
Steps Towards an Occult Natural Science
And the Advanced Practice of Sorcery

"The Village or The Pendulum of Souls"
Witchcraft in Historical New England
And a Grimoire of Sigil-Art and Oneirogogic Sorcery

Becoming A Traditional Witch
The Journey To A Very Old Way of Living and Crafting

"Faerie: The Awe of the Unseen and the Unknown"
A Discourse on the Dangers of the Faery-World and the Awe-full Power
of the Hidden Reality

"A Treatise On Natural Truth"
Organic Truth Perspectives on the "Nature of Nature"
and All of Nature's Many Parts

"The Dragon and the Dragonslayer"
Order, Chaos, and the Equilibrating Struggle

"The Curse Must Pass Away"
The Healing Power of the Archetypal Myth of the Vampire and the Vampire-Slayer

"The Song of Creation"
The Power to Bring a New World into Being
(written as Cuan Maqq Beli)

"Orlog: The Procession of the Ages of the World"
A Suggested Schema for Understanding the Becoming, Perishing,
And Re-Becoming of the Nine World SystemBased on Voluspa and Gylfaginning

Veratyr's Precious Gift
A Discussion of Modern Heathenry in Relation to Neo-Paganism, Ethnic Traditions,
And a Detailed Study of Heathen Anthropology

"The World Through Eyes of Fire"
Developing the Second Sight and the Vision of the Unseen World

"De Profundis"
A Metaphysical Poem/Meditation

"World Coming Down: The Loss and Regaining of Balance"
The Persistence of Organic Religious Traditions,
The Spiritual Crisis of the World,
And a Brief Consideration of the Question "Why are there Pagans today?"

"The Fire Brand and the Silver Thread"
A Discourse on Initiation in Traditional Craft and Claims of Lineage

"The Fateful Verses of War"
Advice for Living Through Hard Times

"The System and Psychology of Conversion"
A Short Treatise on Why Converts to Paganism Sometimes Return To Their Former Faith,
or Leave the Religious Company Of Other Pagans Altogether

"A Two-Part Essay On Systems Theory"
Or Cybernetics As A Radical Paradigm Shift Away From Traditional Scientific Assumptions
And Its Impact On Family Therapy And Our Understandings Of Mental Illness

"Dead To Rights"
A Systemic Explanation for Why Conservative People and Belief Systems Exist

"Day of Time, Night of Power"
Towards a Criteria for Understanding Shamanic Cognition
And the Science of the Sacred

"Mera's White Stone in the Yorkshire Wolds"
A Voice from the Land, And a Preliminary Reconstruction of a System
Of Neolithic Shamanism from Britain

"Remembering My Child"
A transcription done by Robin of Nakayama Momoyo's journey into Zen Buddhism

A Group of Christians Interview Buddha During
His Recent Trip Across America

"The War Over "Traditional Witchcraft"
An Essay Regarding What "Traditional Witchcraft" Is, What It Was, Where It Is Found,
And Who Can Claim to be a "Traditional Witch" Today; The Rebirth of Sanity and Truth
Regarding Matters of Tradition and Witchcraft.

"The First Operation of Key XIII"
High Necromancy and the Calling Forth from the Grave

"Fate, Philosophy, and Peace"
Strength and Insight for Modern Pagans In a World Where the Gods are Largely Forgotten
(Written as Kouros)

"From Mortals Become Gods"
Commentary on the Sayings of Orpheus, Part One (Written as Kouros)

"Pious Pouring"
Making Libations to the Gods in the Modern Day (Written as Kouros)

Mythical: The Hidden Way of the Witch

"The Radical Traditionalist Manifesto"

Humorous Writings

Robin Artisson's Cultural and Religio-Spiritual Degeneracy Scale

Wanted Fugitive Poster: Robin Artisson

"The Art of Worldly Half-Wisdom"
An Oracle for Modern Living (With apologies to Baltasar Gracian)

"Being Special: The Path to True Power"
How the New Age Can Deliver Us From Despair

"An Excerpt from "Robin Artisson's Guide to Ism's"
Chapter 11 from "Robin Artisson's Guide to Real Life"


The Bitter Bough: A Tale of Romance in the Witchwood

"The Tale of Thorkell and the Troll"

Blogs and Other Sources

Tracks In The Witchwood:
A Blog devoted to writings about Sorcery, Witchcraft, Folklore, and Hidden Arts

Cauldron Born
A blog devoted to Asatru and Heathenry

Son of Art
Yahoo! Discussion Group administrated by Robin Artisson. Never a dull moment.

Published Works

Owlblink Bookcrafting Company Online Store
Robin's first two books, still available: "The Witching Way of the Hollow Hill" and "Helsongs". Hurry before it's too late!

Pendraig Publishing
The actual professionals who took over publishing
Artisson's Work. Here is available "The Horn of Evenwood", "The Flaming Circle", and soon "The Art Veiled in Shadow".

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"Good does not become better by being exaggerated, but worse;
And a small evil becomes a big one through being disregarded and repressed.
The shadow is very much a part of human nature,
And it is only at night that no shadows exist."
-Carl Jung